About Us

My first exposure to photography was in the form of Polaroid photos kept in the family album. I enjoyed the abilty to capture the moment so that memory could be shared with others. While still a freshman in high school, I watched a member of the yearbook taking photos during a basketball game. As the teams ran across the court, I noticed the photographer following the action from within his camera and something in my mind ‘clicked’ (pun intended). Using the darkroom as a learning tool, I taught myself how to use the camera and what darkroom methods were necessary to amplify the quality of my photography.

In the high-tech world of today, we have entered a new chapter of digital photography is expanding as quickly as the human imagination. I have upgraded my understanding of photography as the digital world advances to new heights allowing the artistic creation process to elevate to a whole new level.

I look forward to working with you.

Jason Petorak
Photographer - Owner